30 in 30, 2016: As Complete as it Can Be

30 in 30 Collage

Two years ago when Barbara Davis suggested I take on Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 challenge, I was scared to death! The idea of painting and posting every day was terrifying. I painted the tiniest paintings possible: 2″ x 3″ or maybe even smaller. The work was, well, that of a beginner at best.

This time I ended up painting a very large piece (for me) composed of 15 sections that were about 9″ x 11″ each, and I am still working on it even as I write. I also created some other random pieces, likely as a means of “shaking off” the intensity of the large one.

Then I traveled in the last week of the challenge. During that time I kind-of lost my painting groove, but I did not lose my painting EYE! Here are some views that lit my eye while in Las Vegas. What a place!

Red Rock CollageLANDSCAPES


Plants in Vegas CollagePLANTS, Wild and Tame

Interior Architecture CollageARCHITECTURAL Details

Pinball CollagePINBALL of Old and New

Neon CollageNEON in Vegas history

Up in the Air

3030.2016.22bYesterday I was traveling all day and actually had to “paint” in the airplane. I thought I’d try out the app called Paper 53. It is a lovely app, with a huge variety of brushes and colors and options I am sure I did not exploit to their max. I just drew this little turtle from my head, and have no idea why I opted for a turtle as subject. Perhaps because my first swoop on the screen was the arc that roughly forms his back.

Turtle in AirportThe irony is that as soon as I got off the plane, this is the first piece of art I encountered in the airport. Can you guess where I am?

Long Ago and Far Away

Twenty four years ago, a first-time mother sat with an adorable nine-year-old girl who drew a menagerie of animals and other things that might belong on a farm. They used cheap construction paper and a ball point pen. Later, scissors and glue figured into the arrangement. The collaborative piece was framed and it hung in our home, in the same place, for all these years.

While considering the sources for my recent tree of life painting, my  eye lit upon the farm construction and I noted some similarities. One big difference, though, was the color. The old construction paper was faded, and some of the animals were hard to discover in places that had lost their contrast.

Fantastic Farm acrylic on paper, c. 15" x 12", 20/30in30
Fantastic Farm
acrylic on paper, c. 15″ x 12″, 20/30in30

I decided it might be fun to put some of that old color back into the piece. Here it is, before and after, reminding me of how fun it was to nurture the creative spirit of that little girl, now a first-time mother herself.