My Inner Beginner


I have been making and teaching art for a really long time, but mostly in ceramics and glass and other media. Painting is not exactly NEW to me, but I have decided to face that blank canvas.

I decided that my first “subject” will be one of my “Nines,” which is a piece of fused glass about 2″ x 2″ square. All Nines are roughly divided into 9 spaces, and I have been a little obsessed with making them for a couple years, but that’s another story.

What I have discovered today is that my Inner Beginner is a scaredy-cat procrastinator brat. IB (short for Inner Beginner) is so clever, she got me to change the bed and wash the sheets before I could begin to paint. She got me to cook lunch, and to shop for a couch I cannot afford and did not buy, and to cook black eyed peas for the New Year. She even decided I needed to enter receipts for 2012 into my financial records – she ran me around all day, basically getting me to do anything other than actually paint!

Inner Beginner and I are trying to work it out. I’ll keep you posted.


We Begin Today

A Sky for Barbara
A Sky for Barbara

I am writing on this blog for the first time. I’m having formatting and template issues. My desire is to get this text to fill the space to the right of the image, but I cannot figure out how to do this.  Anyone?

Other than that, the piece above is painted porcelain, about 1.5″ high. I love the sky-like part of it. My friend Barbara is a Sky-Master. She’s amazing. And nice. How can a person BE that way?! I sold this piece, but I will always think of it as A Sky for Barbara. And she is the one who inspired me to document my artistic journey of 2013.