What’s the Fuss?

We packed up the car on April 26th, 2013 and drove to Troy, Alabama for TroyFest, 2013. We had two beautiful days and lots of fun…AND while there I was awarded a prize: Award of Merit in Jewelry! So this is one of the better-kept secrets about me, but I suppose I have earned the right to show off. Here is the first installment of some jewelry pieces. I hope you  enjoy. I will be discussing my aesthetic (as best I can) as time goes on. These pieces are all fused glass and represent a range of styles. Top: Big Hairy Pendant; Bottom, L to R: ¡Olé!, Kente, Spiral.

Glass Array


What are Chips?

Well my favorites these days, as my Huntingdon students will attest, are plain pita chips with hummus. But I’m talking about a jewelry design I’ve been working on for about 6 months.


For now, here are my latest little jewels in process. Each one is a fun tiny painting. They often refer to landscapes and weather, but some are just curious explorations in line and color. They have a long way to go … and I’ll need your opinion eventually.

A Little Sneak Peek: Before


The kiln is about half-full but I had to fire it anyway. One of my small pleasures with ceramics is taking a photo right before I close the lid, then another right after opening it. At the moment these pieces are somewhere between 2114º F and the final temperature of around 2165ºF or “Cone 5” to those in the biz. That means the firing (which I started late last night) will be cooling pretty much all day. Sometimes it’s tough to be patient! There are new bowls, including this one asparagus bowl, and a few more Goldfinches, some sweet Chip pendants, and about 9 new Hearts. All porcelain. Ahhhhh, clay is oh so wonderful!

How beautiful is math? Quite!

Or maybe this could be called Fibonacci Fascination.

Huntingdon College students are wrapping up their spring semester, and the art majors celebrated their accomplishments with a student art exhibition. One assignment was based on a compositional “gimme” courtesy of Phidias, Plato, Euclid, Fibonacci, DiVinci and oh, well, I guess the rest of us..

.Spiral Lesson

At the top is the design of the “Golden Spiral” and then 5 paintings (by L to R: Ridley, Saefong, Swiger, Harrelson, Pickens) that “made it” into the student exhibition. Bottom is a 13’H X 21′ W installation at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts’ ARTWORKS Gallery designed by Professor Sartorius. The student exhibition runs April 8-18, 2013.

Art Show flyer3