Looking Forward

New Ware 2014

There’s nothing like a deadline to inspire artistic production! Of course, I have known about this deadline for quite a while, and have been working steadily all along. Here’s a little sampling of what will be available at the Artist’s Market at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts on Friday, November 21 (5:30-8 PM) and Saturday, November 22 (10 AM – 4 PM).

New porcelain asparagus serving ware, new porcelain ice cream and baby bowls, new very colorful and blingy fused glass pendants, and new hand-printed cards made with my own hand-cut stamps and hand-painted with gouache. When it comes to clay, most people think of me as a “tile” person, but making bowls and functional dinnerware is one of my favorite things to do.

I’m a firm believer in showing respect by giving something real to children. If you know (or are) someone with a small child, consider commissioning a special baby bowl that is cute, but not “cutesy.”  I’ll personalize the bowl with the full name of the recipient(s) making a full circle around the inside.


It’s About Time

Seven months off is quite enough! And the longer I go, the more I have to say, and the more I have to say, the more overwhelmed I am about where to start. So I consulted a seasoned blogger and writer and she advised me to just start anywhere: “Start now, and work backward and forward as you see fit.” So here goes.

Kay Visits Huntingdon

Now. Hmmmmmmm. Now…. OK…last week (October 30, to be exact) my Huntingdon College students in 2D Design had a lovely guest presenter, Kay Jacoby, the creator of “mood-altering plaques.” Kay taught everyone how to use a T-square to measure spacing while hand-lettering. Everyone practiced with a very simple message: Kindness Matters. Their next assignment will be to expand their new skills with a longer quote of more personal meaning, and to incorporate it into an original work of art.