The Bracelet Connection

We met again and completed our bracelets. Wow!

Bracelet Placement

Bracelet 4

Bracelet 2

Bracelet 1

Bracelet 3

Bracelet Wheel

In all we made 20 bracelets that night. Everyone was so patient as they sanded the metal, the backs of their tiny glass pieces, then cleaned them with rubbing alcohol to remove the oils from our fingers, and finally glued them with 2-part epoxy.

It was a labor of love and the results showed!




This post is about some wonderful people I had the privilege to introduce to fused glass last night. They are teens from the West side of town where opportunities are sometimes sparse. But last night some very special people, Clare Watson (one of the most patient, generous and persevering people I have ever met) and Amy Zimmer (one of the most energetic, sincere and creative people I have ever met) brought the 13 teens to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts to make parts and pieces for fused glass bracelets. Anna Parker, the Museum’s Outreach Coordinator, was on hand to help with all our needs from setup to cleanup.

I loved, especially, watching the guys with their athletic builds and non-delicate fingers, get right into it. This is not the best photo, but here’s the idea…

The tiny pieces are only 1/2″ square. All the teens really concentrated, and seemed to have fun at the same time.

I love my calling as a teacher. It’s such a joy to visualize good things happening, and then have those good things unfold before my eyes. Of course it is in the planning, but it’s always like magic when it happens.