Once upon a time…

Free Spirits acrylic on tar paper, c. 9" x 11", 4/30in30, Q14
Free Spirits
acrylic on tar paper, c. 9″ x 11″, 4/30in30, Q14

You may be wondering how all this got started in the first place. Well, I must credit my hard-working Huntingdon College students. Two years ago we worked on a group project in our painting class, and I had hoped some would decide to show up one weekend and just paint their hearts out on the huge piece below.

Students Josh Clayton and Autumn Jones made great contributions to the base design in 2014.

We cut symmetrical stencils and spray painted overlapping patterns as an underpainting. At the end of the semester, no one had added any painting on the 18′ design. We rolled it up and put it in a closet at school. Last year I discovered it, and decided to put that underpainting to use, since most of the students involved in its creation had moved on to other classes.

Base Start
The end that became a beginning…

I wanted to both use and ignore the original design, so I cut off one end and then cut it into 15 pieces.

Here is the starting pile of rectangles.

Rather than create one big design, I wanted to see how the overall image might change by looking at the quadrants separately, and then allowing them to join as I went along. Each quadrant should hold its own as an individual composition while simultaneously becoming integral to a larger whole .


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