Working Blind

Free Spirits acrylic on tar paper, c. 9"x11", 2/30in30, Q15
Free Spirits
acrylic on tar paper, c. 9″x11″, 2/30in30, Q15

Just as in life, if one thing changes, so do many things around it. As I continue into the second day of this Free Spirits series, I feel like I do when I want to skip pages and look ahead in a good book.

Here is where this one is supposed to go:       This Goes Here15

Each quadrant, though, connects to the next, so I have to place them side by side a little, just to get a flow. However, I don’t want to spoil my own surprise in the end.

My plan is to skip around, paint each quadrant somewhat “blind” to its neighbors, and then knit them together somehow. I have no pre-conception of the finished product.



One thought on “Working Blind”

  1. Brilliant! There was a French film made of The Elegance of the Hedgehog, and the adolescent girl did the same thing, with charcoal on white…I can’t remember her process exactly, but the product was comes and interesting! Go! M

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