Summer’s Hammock

Summer's Hammock, 2015 Oil on Board, 8
Summer’s Hammock, 2015
Oil on Board, 8″ x 10″

On Block Island there is a house and behind the house is a hammock nestled in the grass. It’s a place for reading, napping, resting, or staring at the sky – day or night. During the summer it is occupied by a select few who seem to gravitate there whenever some alone-time is needed. One such frequent occupant is my daughter, Summer, who is an avid reader and who loves independent quiet time. When she is in the hammock, I feel all is right with the world.

Artistically speaking, I sometimes try to identify my “style” of painting, since I am experimenting all over the place. I am not sure I should exactly settle down to one thing or another, but this painting (while not even close to his mastery) is reminding me a little of some of Fairfield Porter’s work. I love how he handles shape and shadow. I also enjoy the push/pull between abstraction and realism.

“The realist thinks he knows ahead of time what reality is, and the abstract artist what art is, but it is in its formality that realist art excels, and the best abstract art communicates an overwhelming sense of reality.” Fairfield Porter (source:


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