What’s my Line?

It’s all about the children. Teaching is such a huge part of my life and identity, and I hardly ever share my love for it.

Yesterday was so fun while offering professional development to teachers at Mount Olive Intermediate School with the Alabama Alliance for Arts Education. We are connecting visual arts and dance, and the awesome teachers of these 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders are already making it happen.


Here is the fabulous Mary Foshee encouraging the teachers to “write and draw” with their elbows!

Prior to our arrival at the school, we sent a worksheet to the students, who looked at the Picasso works, Dove of Peace and Face-Dove. The students were asked to look at the lines and, in their own ways, interpret the drawings.


Here are several of the adorable results. Their efforts are so honest, so fresh, and so unassuming! No wonder Picasso wished to make art like a child.

What was especially rewarding about our discussion with the teachers about how the students enjoyed drawing, is that they discovered creativity in the children they had not seen before. What a fabulous way to get to know and appreciate one another. Aren’t those the true makings of peace?


One thought on “What’s my Line?”

  1. Wonderful drawings! “Honest and fresh” is a good description, that’s exactly what they are. It must be nice for the children too to get an assignment like this. I don’t know if it’s the same in the US, but I think in (Western) Europe, children are very much exposed to “prefab” creativity, filling in colours in pictures that are already made, etc. Art class at school becomes even more important to counterbalance all that.

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