Ah, but I must digress…

My friend, whose name shall remain Nameless, asked me the other day if I had any more sheets of some cool placemat-sized (11″ x 17″) patterned paper I had shared with her a few months back. She wanted to decorate her new office with it.

I told her, “Hey, I have committed to doing a painting a day all this month, so let me help you. Check out the cool interior paintings of Leslie Saeta, who is the ringleader of this 30-in-30 challenge.”  She took a look at Leslie’s Sea Glass series, and immediately texted me, “Yes — That is what I want! I’ll buy the canvas.” At this point I’m thinking the little painting (singular) has turned into three little paintings (multiple), but I am amused, and move on to other projects.

This morning, she texts me: “You said you’d do these paintings as a favor correct? Free?”

Being slightly suspicious about those point-blank questions, I ask her what size she is thinking about. I mean, three means THREE, but size does matter when it comes to purchasing paint. She never answers my size question, but after some deliberations about hard and soft cost/benefit I tell her I’ll attempt them with less costly acrylic paint for free. (I mean, how big could they possibly BE?!) She says she’s out running errands and she’ll bring the canvases by my studio later.

Next thing I know, here she comes in the door with a 36″ x 36″ canvas. First the one, then the next, and then the next!

Now I’m staring at 3′ x 9′ (yes, that’s NINE running FEET: the size of a tiny house, mind you) of free painting. She requests, “…blue, green, yellow, and orange. Simple, soothing, and colors that will also work with the rug…”

I have allowed myself to get “had!” This will be fun. I can’t wait to get started.

In fact, I have gotten started.
Here is the set of watercolor studies I did today as a color check.

Colors for an Unnamed Friend, 2015 Watercolor on Paper 6 pieces, 3" x 3" each
Colors for an Unnamed Friend, 2015
Watercolor on Paper
6 pieces, 3″ x 3″ each

I sent her the same picture.
She replied, “Beautiful!”
So far, so good, oh Nameless One!



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