Half Baked

Dunn's Cart Way, 2015 (phase 1) Oil on Board, 8" x 10 "
Dunn’s Cart Way, 2015 (phase 1)
Oil on Board, 8″ x 10 “

Perhaps, nicely put, we could say this piece is “in progress.”  I thought I should check the values before continuing. This painting is actually in color, but I changed the photo into a greyscale image so I could eliminate the distraction of color while I work on the piece. I can already see where changes need to be made on just about every imaginable level.

As a teacher, I can say that looking at one’s work like this (looking at it in greyscale) is very helpful. As a person with a trained eye, I don’t like that this is where my painting landed at the end of today. On a more positive note, though, this is how we learn: engage, step back, re-consider, adjust, plan, and continue on tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Half Baked”

  1. If this were a pot merely bisque fired, I would agree that it’s half baked. But as it is a different medium, I would just say that it is unfinished. And while it is helpful to step back and review a work, I hope you are not being too harsh on yourself. You know as well as I that we often learn more from our mistakes than our successes. And that’s what it’s about, yes?
    Though successes are SO SATISFYING! Keep at it and enjoy the process; I know you will get there! xoxxo

    1. That’s sweet, but the painting really is in the “bisque” stage of it’s life. The part that makes painting (at least oils) much easier is that you can move and change things in process. Clay, as a medium, is way less forgiving. In painting, the DRAWING is like the greenware stage, and the closer you are to getting it right in the first place, the easier time you’ll have later. But if the drawing is not perfect, you don’t have to just throw away the whole painting and start a new one. You can actually go in and make adjustments.

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