Rooftops and Windows

I love architecture, and often think of buildings as living things. I am especially interested in how buildings relate to one another on a skyline or in a neighborhood. The juxtaposition of personalities in the landscape is sometimes so evocative. I think about how many people contributed to the design and construction of the spaces built for others to enjoy.  

Brack to the Basics, 2015 • Oil on Canvas • 10″h x 14″w
This image comes from my neighborhood. We have many wonderful Victorian homes here, although it would be hard to tell from this painting. This is not an image of the grand porches and gingerbread and other showy elements assumed in a neighborhood like this. No, this is an observation of the backs of two buildings just down the street from me. One of them, the green one, is the home of some dear friends I have known a long, long time. The colors are not true, but express a certain feeling I have about the people who come and go from the places where they live and love.


2 thoughts on “Rooftops and Windows”

  1. I love reading what you say about what you paint! The process of putting images on a surface takes time; with it comes a certain contemplative space. I feel you are sharing that with us and I appreciate it. xoxxo

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