Looking Back

This is a visual review of some of the images from my 2D Design Class at Huntingdon College during Fall 2014. Because it is an entry-level, visual art basics course, I structured it by linking two elements and principles. We covered 14 elements and principles: Line, Shape, Color, Value, Form, Texture, Balance, Space, Contrast, Emphasis, Pattern, Movement, Harmony and Unity. I love teaching because there is so much learning!

1.Line & Shape Line and Shape

2.Color & Value  Color and Value

3.Form & Texture  Form and Texture

4.Balance & Space  Balance and Space

5.Contrast & Emphasis Contrast and Emphasis

6.Pattern & Movement  Pattern and Movement

7.Harmony & Unity  Harmony and Unity


One thought on “Looking Back”

  1. Oh, Tarita, I wish I were in your Huntingdon class!!!! I love your project and your personal example. I want to try it, too. But I am immersed in setting little tile on our wood-burning pizza oven and making a chimney pot for the chimney. I am hoping to close in on the top of the oven this weekend. I feel slightly obsessed. It takes forever to put the little things in place….hours and hours each day and still more to do. The first run at the chimney pot looks huge but I think it is about right when I calculate for shrinkage. Right now it’s 20” tall and 13-1/2” at the base. Not sure yet where or how I will fire it. My kiln is still on Mountain Drive. I have found someone who promises to move it but he hasn’t come through. It was a possibility for Weds., then Thurs. Now Friday has passed and he hasn’t even called. And getting it here is just the beginning. I just have to believe it will happen eventually. I’m exhausted. I hope all is well with you and yours. Jim not too down about being an orphan now. I hope he’s thinking on the bright side: grandfather!!! I love you! xoxxo, M

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