Back to Clay

I am working, albeit slowly, on a dinnerware set.
I love getting my hands back in clay.
These pieces are slab-built, but I throw the feet.



I am using a little lotus stamp to personalize this series.
It’s going to be special.  More to come!


4 thoughts on “Back to Clay”

  1. Ooo-wee! They look beautiful! I want to work on a new dinnerware set, too. The one I made for Michael and Martha turned out a lot better than the one I made with us in mind…Barrie thinks I should make several prototypes to see what will look good in our new house. If we ever get it finished enough that I have time for clay, I will do that.
    xox You are an inspiration!!!

    1. Thanks Marion. Well, I hope things with the house wrap up soon and you get back to making your beautiful pieces. On the other hand, perhaps you should just think of the house as one BIG installation!

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