Continuing in Fun

These recent pieces are somewhat fun.

This first one is my daughter and her two friends enjoying each other’s company. This is the first time I tried to paint “people” I have never met, so I am not sure I “got” them.

Three Happy Valentines

And this next one is not a great success, but I tried to capture some of the attitude of two of the (2014 Sochi Olympics) Japanese figure skaters, Mao Asada and Tatsuki Machida. I began this piece on a pre-washed paper, so it had lines and other colors that didn’t really fit…except that the skaters are sort of tangled in their own mire of the competition, the pre-etched lines in the ice, and the whole history of Russia behind them.

Japanese Skaters at Sochi

If nothing else, I may need to attempt some other skating pictures just to get to make more of these funky skates. I believe they are held on with some combination of elastic, velcro or electrical tape!


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