I love that the date of this year’s Valentine’s day is, for archival purposes, 20140214. Or 02/14/2014. However you look at it, it ALMOST makes sense, but not quite. It’s not a palindrome. It doesn’t rhyme. It might drive an “ocd” person a little bonkers trying to figure out a pattern, but that’s probably not worth the time it takes to think about.

What IS worth the time… is to wonder what on earth made me start these silly paintings.


I made them for Valentine’s day, as homages to some of my loving friends and families.

They are as quirky as the mix of numbers in this year’s date.

HappyLittleFamily Joyous Love

If you think you recognize yourself or your family – you very well might…but these are about SPECIFIC people I know.
Do you know them, too?
For a mere $100 I will “poultrify” your family, too! Just email me at my Art Time Studios email address!


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