My September

I’ll explain some this later, but this is my response to Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 challenge for September.  These images are a good representation of my creative endeavors, whether through direct painting or through image-making in other media. I appreciate the opportunity and privilege it is to be able to work like this for most of my waking hours. It makes me realize that life has treated me very well.


2 thoughts on “My September”

  1. oooweee! I love how you’ve arranged these images! You’re not only an artist; you’re a techno-wizard, too. I am a bit envious of your abilities in that regard. Great job! Nice work! Good life! xoxo

    1. The “arrangement” is through, which is free. Check it out. Since I am not building an entire house, I do have a little more time for art. Hope all’s on track for your show next week!

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