Summer’s Cat

Once upon a time, when my daughter was innocent (as in age 10) she made a series of cat ornaments. They had various themes with little attributes attached. She sold some for a song, and I kept a few, too. One customer commissioned her to make a ‘bookworm” cat, and paid in advance.

Summer dutifully created the cat and it was my job to deliver it. Despite my best efforts, I had a very difficult time contacting the customer. In good faith, I placed the ornament in the glove compartment of my car, somehow believing I would eventually find the rightful owner of the cat.

When my car was totaled in a flood four years ago, I transferred the ornament to the glove compartment of the new car. Now and then the cat would surface, and I would wonder how and wish I could find its cat lady.

Last night, possibly 10 years after “Bookworm Cat” was created, I encountered that customer. She promised to stay put while I went to retrieve the cat. Transaction complete!

I look at that cat, and it brings to mind so many things. For one, it reminds me to keep my faith. For another, its “cattitude” reminds me of the sly wit of Summer’s beautiful soul.


One thought on “Summer’s Cat”

  1. What a neat story; I am impressed by your glove box’s protectiveness and your faith. How wonderful that you finally found this darling cat’s owner! I feel as if it’s alive and has gone home for cuddles while it’s owner reads.

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