Tower Sketch #2

Here is a little color sketch I did a few days ago – I must confess I have been pretty slack when it comes to the 30 in 30, mostly due to allowing myself to be distracted by other media and other projects. The “30 in 30” challenge is not for sissies! But I am determined to catch up, if for nothing else to prove to myself I can.

Tower at the Top (7/30)
Watercolor and ink on paper

What did I learn?

1. That this sketchbook paper does not receive water media very well.
2. That I do like watercolor as a medium.
3. That I want to try painting some of these tower images in oil.
4. That I am now in search of better paper.


2 thoughts on “Tower Sketch #2”

  1. You are ambitious to do the 30 in 30 challenge! I like the looks of this; you make me want to try watercolor again. I can tell you’re having fun.

    1. Thanks Marion – It’s actually really difficult to produce one a day…at least for me! I just have too many other things going on. I keep thinking I just need to be more focused. The really good painters are amazing, and if you visit Leslie Saeta’s blog ( you will see the entries for each day from the other 300+ artists. Incredible effort!

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