Finishing Some Busy-ness

Several years ago I went on a pilgrimage of sorts to see the home of the Mississippi artist, Walter Anderson (1903-1965). His work is amazing, and the story of his life is even moreso. In Ocean Springs there is also a business his family has kept alive by reproducing his work in various forms. One thing they do is make “re-strikes” of his block prints, and local artists hand-paint the images. I purchased four of these hand-colored prints, or at least tried to. The idea was to give one to each child in our family, whose initials are T, W, S and C. Problem was, they had no color version of the W. I bought the monochrome version and tonight I hand-painted it. Since this particular daughter is about to get married, I tried to use the colors of the invitation. A “W” for the beautiful bride on her “W” wedding day. I guess I’ll have to get the “N” image next!



For more information on Walter Anderson see:  and

There’s a little more to this story. I actually “gave” these painted prints to everyone last Christmas with the promise I would also provide frames. (HA! Note to self: Don’t give an “IOU” as a gift.) But now that I have painted the W, I am ready to frame all four. Here are the other three images in case you are interested.



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