Another Go at It

I’m talking about painting. 30 in 30, here I come! Eeeeek.

This summer, through teaching professional development workshops, I worked quite a bit (or did I play?) with marbled paper. It is entirely captivating and almost addictive. This piece was made with very diluted acrylic paint floated and “combed” on a 1″ layer of water mixed with carrageenan.

Marbled Paper
Marbled Paper

I realize that any “real” paper marbler will look at this piece and shrug, “harrumph.” OK, so it’s a little less structured than some of the amazing work of fine marblers, but I still love the process … and the “product” is getting better as I learn more about the chemistry and techniques of it all.


Just for those who might enjoy this, here is a little “quilt” I made of other “marbelous” pieces – some I made and some were made by workshop participants.

Marbled Paper Quilt


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