We got SmART!

SmART CollageTalk about partnering! The Alabama Alliance for Arts Education, the Huntsville Art League, the SmART Project, and then the rest of us presenters and teachers all got together in Huntsville on July 8th for a whirlwind professional development workshop. Diana Green from the Alabama State Council on the Arts wowed the Huntsville area visual art teachers with fantastic tools for assessment and advocacy, while I got to focus again on concepts of Fibonacci and the Golden Mean, exploring how to apply these ideas to math, science and language arts. This time we even got to write some Fibonacci poetry! Megan White, a very clever and talented teacher, wrote this poem and inscribed it on her gleaming painting…with all supplies donated by SargentArt!

Making connections.
There are spirals surrounding us.
Search. Dig. A look deeper at Mother Nature’s beauty,
Through the inspection of nature’s patterns, bewilder yourself with knowledge and insight.

The pattern of syllables follows the Fibonacci sequence:

I love seeing the growth of connections, knowledge and insight!

(…And see those rainbows?  We’ll discuss the ideas of “getting over” the rainbow a little later in August…)


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