The Young Imagination

Long ago, when once upon a time, an older family member referred to me as “kid” at age 19, I was too young to even realize how young I was. I was somewhat offended. Now that I am old, these “kids” in college really DO seem young. And they are refreshingly young, because they also seem old enough to know it.
We finished our oil painting unit this week (which does not necessarily mean we are done with oils), and I am impressed with their work. They completed two paintings. The first one was a “greyscale gone wild.” By mixing the value scale and then turning their 9 distinct shades of grey into a legible composition, perhaps they learned that it helps to span an entire wide range of values in a composition.

Some students opted to paint on tar paper, hence the “bleeding” of the pitch into the oil paint.

Next, we set about adding form and color, but with a little twist.

Rather than paint the typical cone, sphere and cube, I asked them to paint:
1. The now defunct Monopoly Iron in a landscape with
2. Clouds inspired by Barbara Davis’s demo from earlier this month.


Their imaginations ran free and we ended up with some pretty impressive work.
I’m proud of these “kids” who are well on their ways to fine artistry and responsible adulthood.


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