A Special Guest

Barbara Davis came to visit our painting class at Huntingdon College on Tuesday, February 12th.  She completely wowed all of us, students and teachers alike. And she humored me by incorporating the now-defunct Monopoly iron into a landscape.

Here is what she did in ONE HOUR.

From blank canvas…


…to an overall yellow ochre “wash” over the canvas…both to minimize the “fear of the white canvas” and to give a lovely underglow…


…to mapping out blocks and masses in both sky and ground areas…


…to adding touches of color in sky, land and clouds…and then indulging me with the placement of the iron.


Surrealism is definitely not BD’s thing! I think she tried to make it look like a very attractive well-house. Otherwise it resembles a soft-landing UFO that safely ran aground.

Notice how her cloud colors include lots of yellow and some purple and green. No pure white was used in the making of these clouds!


It doesn’t look like the photo, exactly – it looks like itself!
One student today told me that Barbara was a wizard – that no one could really paint like that unless they were also a wizard.
Thanks for the inspiration, Barbara, and I agree…you MUST be a wizard!


(Coming soon: more info on that Monopoly iron!)


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