The Pier

A spectacular photograph by Thomas Lucas ( inspired me to try painting something similar…as in he gave me permission to “copy ” it. And while I am shamelessly plugging the talents of family members, I must mention that Thomas’s brother and sister-in-law, Luke & Jackie, also do fantastic work at Little Acorn Photography (

Pier by Thomas.s Pier without Border

My painting will never be as brilliant as Thomas’s photograph. A painting is a different animal. I can live with that. Sort of.

I find that the various blues of the Gulf coast are very difficult. This side-by-side visual is very instructive, too. I see all sorts of things that could be changed. But should they be changed?

I am also thinking about changing substrates and thank Dottie Leatherwood ( for advising me on types and preparation of paper.

This is the biggest painting I have done in Leslie Saeta’s 30/30 challenge and it took me longer – can it count as TWO 6″ x 6″ pieces?


Pier with Border, Oil on Canvas, 11″ x 14″ (#24/30)

And…I couldn’t help it; I decided to have fun with the paint again by blending a wave pattern around the perimeter of the pier image.

I’ll probably change it in the morning. Definitely “need” to change the clouds – or do I?


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