Rehash for Huntingdon


I am posting this image because this coming Tuesday we will have our first critique in our painting class. I am asking my students to look at this because I’m hoping it will help them reflect on their own work. The assignment is:

  • Select one architectural element from the campus of Huntingdon College.
  • Create 4 close up details of that architectural element.
  •  Use watercolors to paint:
  1. A sepia-tone composition (mix black and brown)
  2. An interpretation using cool color(s)
  3. An interpretation using warm color(s)
  4. In class, a colorful interpretation using primary and secondary colors. Mix the secondaries by using only red, blue and yellow.

Grading Criteria

  • Minimum of 4 paintings
  • Choice of compelling composition
  • Use of wet-on-wet, dry-to-wet, glazing, washes, and dry brush techniques.
  • Use of full range of value scale, from dark to light

Students, please have fun with this…AND make sure you look at your work to make sure you have covered all those bases. I am looking forward to looking and discussing and learning with you!


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