Taste Test

Here’s a challenge.

Beyond the technical challenges that come with glass and clay, there are also just some basic choices at the end.

This piece is a goner. The lesson is not to count chickens before they are hatched.


Speaking of which, I notice on Leslie Saeta’s “30 in 30” challenge (http://www.lesliesaeta.blogspot.com/) that so many people paint chickens. Why is that? Do so many artists really HAVE chickens, are they easy to paint, popular, or what? Just askin’…

Anyway, this frame (below) came out really nice and now

I am thinking about the Nines that might be going into it.

There’s ONE frame, the center glass is swapped!

Which one do YOU prefer? (left, center, right)

3 Leaf Frames

Leaf Framed Nine. Porcelain, glass, underglaze, glaze; 6″x6″


2 thoughts on “Taste Test”

  1. Do you think you could make light switch plates? I had one a long time ago and really loved it…just curious. The cracked piece reminded me of it.

  2. I could make switch plates. It’s challenging with glass and clay because they tend to be a little heavy. Otherwise, to make them light, they have to be thin, and over-tightening the screws will crack them.

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