First, My Respects to Jessica Park

It’s a huge long story that leads to more huge long stories. These are supposed to be short entries, so I mainly write here to acknowledge the influence of an artist named Jessica Park.

Part of my huge long story includes having an association with Jessy through friends of my family. I remember when Jessy was a child, and I was not much older. Her story includes the amazing devotion of her parents, and the art that Jessy makes that has made her famous. You will have to look her up.


Jessica Park, Flatiron Building, 2004

I can’t even begin to speak about her and autism without finding myself with at least one toe in a mire filled with things I do not understand. I am not equipped to speak about Jessy in any politically correct manner. I just know I saw her “behave,” and I saw her painted bedroom, and I saw her parents’ love in action. I don’t know if I could have handled such a daughter, but I am so glad she has made her amazing art.

Looking at my wild (and would-be “messy,” if JP were asked, I’m sure) Southen Porch (4) painting reminded me of Jessy’s work in its bright, unreal colors.


One thought on “First, My Respects to Jessica Park”

  1. Hi Tara, Brenda sent me the link to your lovely post. You might know that our parents have passed away fairly recently so it’s particularly nice to read this. Jessy is doing very well and we’ve just had a solo show for her at the Good Purpose Gallery in Lee, MA.
    Your porch colors are indeed very “Jessy”. I’ll show her the painting (and your post) although I’m not sure what she’ll make of it.
    Rachel Park (Jessy’s sister — we may have met once, or maybe not.)

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