Is it Spring Yet?

Talk about last minute – but watercolor is so fun! I changed the template of my blog and lost track of time. Now that I have posted painting #8, I am noticing that it looks like an elaborate version of the little art chip from yesterday. It’s all a swirl, but a pretty happy swirl.  I know I mentioned that I sensed spring a couple days ago. That feeling has stuck with me.


So what I did here was experiment with watercolor pencils, watercolors, and a fine-point black pen. I didn’t start out “deciding” to paint anything in particular. What I did decide to do was mix secondary colors – so I only used red, yellow and blue – and then I made all the other colors came from those three.

While I was painting, a ladybug was crawling and flying all around my work space. She found her way to the edge of my rinse water. She went right into the jar, took a few sips, and then slowly ambled off and disappeared. I wondered how long she could stay alive in the house. That made me think of death and winter and cold and hibernation. But all the time I was using bright colors, which didn’t quite match my little morbid mental moment. So I put in that brooding purple sky to tone it all down and suppress the thoughts of flowers blooming in the garden.

I want to bring you up close to my favorite section. It’s like a serious doodle.

Painting 8 detail


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