Back to the Nines

Nines will continue to be a theme in this painting series. It is fun to solve the challenge of resolving a painting from a piece of glass, and I enjoy the abstract nature of the imagery. I will provide images of the glass along with each painting. This painting is 6″ x 6″.

Nine for Painting 5

Big revelation? A painting OF the thing is not THE thing. (Yes, thanks, Magritte!)


But as I look at the glass Nine and then work on the painting OF the Nine, I become aware that I care more about the painting as a painting. The painting has issues apart from the original piece of glass, and in this case, I consider that the painting (by comparison) may be overworked and over-thought. But the painting in and of itself is…well…just itself and seems to hold some ground on its own.

Here’s the glass Nine.  It now has the title, The Nine for Five. As in, this is the Nine I used to paint painting number 5 of the 30-in-30 challenge.

The 9 for 5


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