The Art of Patience

Patience1thru4 Patience5n6

Yesterday was my birthday so I decided I shouldn’t try to explain anything. But in my Jan 1 post, I mentioned I was “prepared to be patient” and that I would explain.

The art forms I have been using these past 25-35 years (those numbers are a reality-check in themselves!) – especially ceramics, but glass as well – are ones where what I see is NOT what I get.

I am so used to looking at a lump of clay and imagining how I will transform it into what it will become. And there are stages along the way that last a long time. There’s what I choose to do to it, and there’s also the magic of the kiln with occasional unexpected results.

So I have no problem looking at the beginning of a painting like tiny painting #1, knowing that eventually I might help it develop some redeeming characteristics.


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